Landscape, street, travel, portrait, architecture?

I always have had a difficult time putting myself in a single category. Maybe after a decade of professional photography I'm at ease saying I'm none of them.

I'm just a sensitive guy fascinated by the wonder of existence per se, life, the world we live in; the manifestation of a universe of creation in all it's facets, forms, colors and emotions.

Photography is just an attempt to capture a glimpse of that.


At the age of six I borrowed my dad’s camera to roam the neighbourhood.

However it would take another 25 years before I turned this curiosity into a way of living.

As soon as I decided to launch myself fully into photography and filmmaking a new life journey began. I got the incredible possibility to live for what I'm passionate about: capturing the soul of the marvellous world around us.

I'm grateful for all the chances to work with inspirational partners seeking to capture their essence.

I never cease to believe that expression through the art of photography and sharing stories is something we need more than ever, to inspire for a better world with dreamers and creators.

often I check myself if i'm still astonished about the world around me and i i'm still bewildered about the universe's entire existence,

as this what keeps us young, curious and moreover.. awake.

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